Epicor is not an off-the-shelf package. Its power comes in its incredible flexibility. It’s the last 30% effort that makes an ERP truly work for you. Let our small team help you see the full benefits of your investment.

E9 to E10 Upgrades

Being the first in Western Australia to successfully implement an Epicor E9 to E10 upgrade, we already have the knowledge and experience to make this vital upgrade happen for your organisation.

Integrate Epicor into your business

Bring the power of a fully integrated ERP solution into your business. We can help integrate your Epicor system with your business workflows, your other software systems and your hardware solutions to really utilise the power of Epicor within your organisation. Full Integration with your business can increase the availability of useful information and at the same time reduce labor costs.

Epicor Customizations

Need additional screens, customized screens or just custom views and dashboards on your data? We can help simplify data entry and help turn your data into valuable and timely information. Make your data work for you!


Do you have long-winded processes that your team is always repeating in Epicor? Automating and streamlining your processes saves you time and reduces user error! Ask us how. Have Epicor perform many of your repetitive tasks for you overnight so when your team arrives they can focus on your business and not on repetitive or slow processes.

Bottleneck reduction

Are some parts of your Epicor installation not performing as you would like and are slowing down your business workflows? Epicor’s power is in it customizations, let us work on a solution to avoid these bottlenecks for your business.

Hand Dryer

It has some similarities to a air hand dryer in a public bathroom. Often when people use these hand dryers, they spend time and effort rubbing their hands under the warm air, following the instructions as recommended by the supplier.
But too often, they feel they’re getting nowhere and end up walking out of the bathroom, wiping their still damp hands on their clothing, shaking their heads and leaving very disappointed with the whole experience.
However, if you invest just an extra 10 seconds with the dryer then your hands are perfectly dry. It is that last effort that makes all the difference and rewards you for your work.
It’s the same with your Epicor solution.
Yes, the vanilla system can do a lot for your business. -- But it’s that last effort that makes all the difference to your business.